May 24th, 2014


2pm Doors Open


66 Green St
Brooklyn, NY 11122

Join us for a day of games, lulz, and fun.

We're bringing the Destructoid community together for an afternoon of games, lulz, and fun. You'll to get to play several local NYC based games with their creators, we're going to have a tournament with prizes for classic games like Street Fighter II & Mortal Kombat, food and beer will be on hand (meaning this party is 21 and over (sorry, kids), and of course the day wouldn't be complete without some of your favorite people from Destructoid community and staff!

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Jonathan Holmes

Writer, podcaster, animator, video guy, and site mascot at DTOID. We're really excited to have him join us for the event. He's also issued a challenge. The first person to get a perfect on Remix 10 on Rhythm Heaven Fever gets a sweet prize.

Conrad Zimmerman
Destructoid Alumni

An avid player of tabletop and video games throughout his life, Conrad has a passion for unique design mechanics and is a nut for gaming history. Conrad formerly wrote news and produced video content for Destructoid (including Sup, Holmes?, Office Chat and Saturday Morning Hangover) and was a regular host on Podtoid.


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Hero Trap
By SmashWorx

The Hero Trap" is a frenetic rogue like like where dungeon dwellers are hellbent on your destruction, or are they? You, the hero of this tale have been promised the ultimate reward, your heart's desire, but though many are lured, none have succeeded. But you have a plan! you will gather the souls of great warriors to aid you on your quest. Don't get too attached though their spirit energy can only withstand so much punishment before they go back into the spiritual ooze.

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Treachery In Beatdown City
by Shawn Alexander Allen

Treachery in Beatdown City is a tough game to describe, but once people get their hands on it, they are hooked. The game is every much a hybrid of action based brawlers, like Double Dragon, and action RPGs, like Fallout III. Instead of spending time memorizing inputs, you just pick moves from a quick to use menu, and make cool combos made up of strikes, preset combo strings and grapples/throws to take on a your enemies.

Junk Rocket
By Root Beer Barrel Boys

Aliens are preparing to attack. Garbage is your only hope. Build and pilot your patented Junk Rocket to blast the Alien Menace to smithereens! Aliens have destroyed all of the best and brightest in the world, and now it's up to one brave soul and his crew of poorly trained technicians to mount a desperate counterattack. Use your junk cannons to prepare your ship for the ravages of space, and then navigate your way to the alien overlord for a thrilling showdown!

Icarus Proudbottom: Teaches Typing
By Holy Wow Studios

Be the first to try out a new multiplayer edition of Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing. And, learn about the next game in the Icarus Proudbottom saga, Icarus Proudbottom: Starship Captain!

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Hermit Crab In Space
by Golden Ruby Games

One part StarFox, one part Minecraft with a healthy dose of Captain Forever mixed in, Hermit Crab in Space is the winner of the IndieCade East GameJam in February 2013 and Finalist at IndieCade Prime. Accidentally warped into a hostle alien sector, you must fight your way back to the Hermit Crab homeworld while destroying and salvaging enemy ships to build on to your own.

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Game of Phones
by Luke Stern and Sam Wander

Game of Phones is a totally new kind of card game. Race to find the best or weirdest things on your smartphone to win.

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Neon Krieger Yamato
by Lionplex

Neon Krieger Yamato is the first LIONPLEX game in development. A cross mix of fighting game and platformer, its goal is to capture a mix of ridiculous juggle combos, bullet hell evasion, and creative use of dashing and jumps to reach areas.

Endless Digits
by Simple Machine

Endless Digits is a numbers game on steroids. Based off the upcoming Simple Machine release of Digits for iOS and Android, Endless Digits uses the same mechanic, but with a twist, tap Digits to increase your score, but don't let them touch the bottom. While you chase your high score you'll be rocking out to a soundtrack by one of Simple Machine's favorite artists, Mokhov.


Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter II is the first one-on-one fighting game to give players a choice from a variety of player characters with different moves. The choice of multiple available characters allows for more varied matches. Some people say it started the fighter game scene? We're going to play it tournament style. Get your practice on. There will be prizes.

Mortal Kombat

Known for it's bloody violence and fatality finishes. It's also one of the famous back in the day two player fighters. We're going to play this game in tournament format and have some great prizes.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Jonathan Holmes is putting out a challenge. The first person to get a perfect on Remix 10 gets a sweet prize.


Custom Trophies for tournament winners

We're going to create a couple custom 3d printed trophies specific to this event and for both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. They're going to be rad, good luck to the tournament winners.

Steam gift cards

Since we're play testing some new games. We're going to give away Steam gift cards at a raffle at the end of the night for people that filled out feedback cards.

Rad Designer T-Shirts

The folks at Zen Monkey Studios were kind enough to throw in a couple really rad designer t-shirts from their catalog for prizes.

GameChops Game Music

The folks at Gamechops were kind enough to throw in a couple awesome albums from their catalog for the prize pool. Also DJ Cutman will be in attendance. He'll be hanging out, off duty. =)



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